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General Mastic Asphalt can lay your asphalt floor either as a finished surface or to act as an 'underlay' for carpet or vinyl floor coverings. Once laid, mastic asphalt flooring provides a high quality, seamless and extremely durable flat surface that lends itself perfectly to residential, commercial and industrial settings with heavy footfall and/or machinery use like forklifts.

• Durable and hard-wearing

• Versatile

• Finished surface or can be covered

• Waterproof

• Cost-effective

• Long-lasting appearance

• Ideal tanking surface

• Variety of colours available

• Useable for most flooring requirements

The versatility of mastic asphalt is well known; being used on roofs, in basements, for outside steps, car parks, drives and both internal and external floor surfaces. General Mastic Asphalt has the experience and expertise to apply this superb, fully waterproof floor surface in all types of situation including hallways, reception areas, conservatories and porches, factories, offices, washrooms, cellars and other public areas.

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